Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dear God,
OK, OK I get it....I need to start praying again and harder than before.
Last night with Pastor Abel's' message on prayer and how we need to continually run the race of endurance no matter how hard or uncomfortable it may seem to us now, we know that it is for the betterment of our relationship with you.
You have given me the book of Psalms to start studying in my daily devotional and today it was Psalm 5. David is praying for you judgement against those who accuse him of things while is on the run from his son and his accusers. He asks you to judge them fairly for the false accusations, while protecting him along with allowing your followers to continually praise you and to surround them like a shield in their trouble times.
And the Jesus Calling book I received at Women's Retreat today's reading you say:
"Do not be discouraged by the difficulty of keeping your focus on Me. I know that your heart;s desire is to be aware of My Presence continually. This is a lofty goal; you aim toward it but never fully achieve it in this life. Don't let feelings of failure weigh you down. Instead, try to see yourself as I see you. First of all, I am delighted by your deep desire to walk closely with Me through your life. I am please each time you initiate communication with Me. In addition, I notice the progress you have made since you first resolved to live in My Presence.
When you realize that your mind has wandered away from Me, don't be alarmed or surprised. You live in a world that has been rigged to distract you. Each time you plow your way through the massive distractions to communicate with Me, you achieve a victory. rejoice in these tiny triumphs, and they will increasingly light your days."
Thank you for showing me where I need to work on our relationship. I know that over the past month I feel like I have been lacking something and looking back, I know it was the wonderful communication that we had. Thank you for using these things to show me how to get back on track with you.
I love you Lord,
Your daughter

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cancer strikes again!

I've known for a very long time that cancer has run in my family and it has taken away both of my grandparents on my mom's side (Grandmom and Popo) but it has raised it's ugly head again. My most favorite aunt in the whole wide world, Aunt Jamie, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and lymphoma.

Grandmom and me

A couple of weeks ago she let us know that she had found a mass in her breast and after going to the doctor, they were almost positive that it was not a cyst. They then scheduled another exam and officially found 2 masses in her breasts and 1 in her lymph node. Tuesday (9/22) they did biopsies and the doctors told her off the record that they were pretty confident that the masses in her breasts were benign and that they were mainly concerned about the one in her lymph node. So today (9/24) the results came in and the results were more than happy. At least 1 of the 3 are benign, so that is a good thing, and with the breast cancer they will more than likely perform a mastectomy, but the one with the lymph node scares me the most.

Popo was originally diagnosed with lung cancer which metastasized into lymphoma and then spread through out his body and then finally into his bones (osteoscaroma). Once there is cancer in the lymph nodes, it is the easiest way to spread through the body. I am not sure exactly what kind of cancer Grandmom had since I was only 4-5 when she passed, but I do remember her being sick from the chemo and wearing her cute handkerchiefs on her head to hide her thinning hair.

Me and my Popo

I just love my Auntie more than anything in the world! She was the first family member besides mom and dad I told about Caleb, the person who knew before mom and dad that I was engaged, the person who always listened to me and made time for me, and who most importantly showed me who to make fudge, hahaha.

Aunt Carla (left), Aunt Jamie (middle) and mom (right)

I know that this has happened for a reason and it will only glorify God, but as of right now, it is so hard to see. Why would He allow this to happen to her? She has been through so much and has so much on her plate right now. I know He only gives us as much as we can handle, but when is enough, enough. Digging deeper and praying is the only thing I can do to find answers for this, and offering her help anyway I can is the only way I can go about easing her and her families pain as of right now. His will be done and all in his timing right????

Saturday, August 8, 2009

God's Plan (?)

So over the past month or so, I have been drawing closer to God. It is incredible!!!!! I can honestly say that He has been showing himself to me more than ever.

A few weeks ago, when Dave came back into the picture, I was feeling super anxious about something. I had a dream one night that God was putting me at a fork in the road. 1 way was Dave and the possibility of having another shot at a relationship with him. The other way was the unknown. Over the past months of being single, I have really started getting involved with school, family, and working on me and I felt that growth was what was down the other path. I asked my friends to pray that God would show me which path to choose. After a lot (and I mean a lot) of praying and deliberation, I chose the path of the unknown and told Dave that I just couldn't do "us" again.

So the path of the unknown was what I was heading down. Rewind about 2 months ago when I was working one night in the Media Ministry room at church I came in and say this guy talking with Linda. Linda introduced us and his name was Ron. Her husband Harry came in and started talking about Ron and he chuckled and said," Hey it's Ron and Ronnie." That night when I left, I thought to myself, I kind of hope Ron comes by more often. Not going to lie, but I found him very attractive the moment I met him. Ahhh lust of the eyes, lol.

July rolls around, I go back into serve and lo-and-behold....there is Ron! Linda informs me that the guy who used to help out in there was MIA and had been having some problems at home, so Ron would be filling in for Matt. Now what is that saying, "Ask and ye shall receive." So Ron and I started talking, just kind of small talk. Harry came back in and told me that Ron works in the grocery business as a night receiver (same thing my dad did when he and mom started dating) and started talking him up to me. I love Harry! He reminds me of a conglomeration of both my grandpas. So over the next couple of weeks, Ron and I started talking more during the time we were serving. One night I was going to meet up with some friends and go see a midnight showing of Ghostbusters. Ron asked what I was going to do after church and I told him about the movie, and asked him if he would like to come along. He said yes and I got his number and told him I would call when I found out the details. Well the movie never happened, but we ended up talking for about a good 30 minutes the first time on the phone.

Over the next week or so, we would talk more and more on the phone and at church about anything and everything. There was never any silence over the phone. We were also going to home fellowship on Wednesday nights so that gave us more time to talk. One night he asked if I would like to go out for dinner after service and of course I said yes. I was really enjoying his company and found him extremely well versed and knowledgeable.

So we went to dinner (Saturday) and then went for a walk on the beach. I went home that night and prayed. I honestly was not ready for a relationship as I already had so much on my plate and I was tired of dating. I was tired of investing my time and energy into things that never turned out more that a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. I want to find "The One"! So that night I asked God that if I should peruse this as more than a friendship that he would show me. Now up to this point in my walk, I had never really seen anything that I had asked God for, except for Caleb. I am sure He was showing me Himself all the time, but I just never noticed it.

The next day (Sunday) was just a typical day and when Ron texted me he called me "my". I was at the beach with Terri and the text he sent was "How is my beach bunny today?" I thought, why is he referring to me as "my"? I ignored it and it just kind of continued.

So comes Tuesday and after my morning study, I thought I would "test" God. FYI....never test God unless you are ready to have it confirmed! I was talking to God and told him that I found myself growing fond of Ron and enjoyed our time and conversations. I asked Him that I not date anyone else except my future husband and that if Ron was "The One" then he would show me in a way that I would not be able to ignore or put off as anything else, like I did with the "my" thing. I went about my day and I came home from lunch. Ron had worked 3am-Noon and he called me when he got home. He told me that he was talking to his co-worker about me and informed me that he told her something that would probably freak me out. Jokingly I asked if I needed to sit down, and he said it wouldn't be a bad idea. I thought to myself "great, just as I'm starting to dig him, he's going to tell me that he just wants to be friends". So I prepared myself for the worst. What came over the phone, still blows me away! He told me that his friend noticed a change in him over the past few weeks and wanted to know what was up. He told her that he was talking and hanging out with me. He showed her a picture I had sent to him of Hunny and I, he paused for a second and said, "Then I told her that I feel that you are my future wife." (OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! was going through my head!!!!!) I started to cry! But of course they were happy tears!

Within 5 hours, God answered my prayers! I was shocked at what Ron had said. We had only talked and hung out maybe 2 or 3 times. No hugging, hand holding, nothing had happened between us. Nothing physical at all!!!!!!! Nothing like this had ever happened in my life...EVER! What man tells a girl that after only knowing her for 2 weeks! I then told him of what I prayed for that morning. He started laughing. I was completely blown away!

Now each and every day, I pray that God continues to give us confirmations that we are meant to be together and that we are each others help mates, but I don't know if it gets more clear than that. He reminds me so much of my dad in his laid back attitude. And you know that girls tend to look for things in their mates that their dad's possessed. I mean he even has the same job as my dad did. So I will just keep praying and walking along the path of this unknown and see where it leads. Who knows, maybe it'll lead down an aisle towards Ron and Pastor Mike :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Genesis Chapter 5

So tonight in class, there was about maybe 15 minutes left for the teacher to finish his lesson and we still had an entire chapter to finish, Genesis 5. This lists 10 men in the lineage of Adam. I thought to my self, "Great, he's going to start talking and half way through he will get cut off and I will have to listen to the next lesson to finish this chapter!" He started talking about how everything in the Bible is God inspired and how we need to pay attention to even the littlest details that God has given to us.

He then starts talking about the 10 men listed in chapter 5: Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalael, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah. It starts with the first man, Adam, and ends with Noah bringing the flood. No real big surprise, right? Well then he started giving us the meanings of these guys names:

Adam: man
Seth: appointed
Enosh: mortal
Kenan: sorrow
Mahalael: blessed God
Jared: came down
Enoch: teaching
Methuselah: his death shall bring
Lamech: despairing
Noah: comfort

Now if you list out these 10 names in genealogical and chronological order you have this sentence:
Man was appointed mortal sorrow, but the blessed God will come down teaching that His death shall bring the despairing comfort.

Here in Genesis 5 God was telling us that Jesus would come to save us from eternal sorrow! How amazing and awesome is God!

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 13-18

This week was a little bit different than the rest. It started out with me...loosing my camera! I looked all over the place for it! I had been doing some cleaning and it was no where to be found. So as I was laying down on my couch Thursday night, there it was under the table! Of all places for it to be! I was all ready to go out and buy an "adult camera", lol. Not the point and shoot kind, but a real kind with the lens and everything. Oh well, maybe it was God telling me to wait :) But I did take some fun pictures of Friday through Sunday, so enjoy:

Friday: I got a phone call from Dave telling me that he found a baby bunny swimming in his parents pool. I told him that he could bring it over and I would bring it to my vets appointment with Hunny (she has a hot spot on her tail). The bunny was so cute and soft! Honestly, I didn't want to give him up, but I knew that they would know what to do with it better than I would. Besides, I have my crazy Hunny, who took one look at the bunny was got all excited like it was a new toy!
Saturday: There are a few pictures here:
Saturday am: 181!!!!! I am so excited to see that number come up on the scale! I am so close to my goal, I can taste it (and it tastes like a big and rich piece of cheesecake smothered in hot fudge!)
Saturday afternoon: I went to a BBQ at my friend Belinda's house. I was pretty much one of the youngest people there, but I had fun. Here are Belinda (right), Jacqueline (middle) and me.
Still Saturday afternoon: After the BBQ I had to head off to church. I knew the freeway going from Leucadia back up to Oceanside was going to be packed, so I took the coast! Can I just say that I am so extremely blessed to be living in a virtual postcard!
Sunday: Once again, there are a few pictures for today (hey I gotta make up for rest of the week somehow)
Sunday morning - 8am: Need I say more! It's 80 degrees and I am not even getting any major sun in the apartment! Time to start baking cookies, hahaha.
Sunday afternoon: My new bed set! My other one was about 2 years old, and it had stains and upon me trying to wash the bed spread, I put it in the washer and dryer, but it completely separated all of the padding in it :( Go figure I try and say a little bit of money instead of just taking it in for dry cleaning, and I end up having to buy a new set.
Still Sunday afternoon: I love this picture! I honestly think this is one of my favorite of Hunny! It does not need any explanation...enjoy
Sunday evening: So remember me saying that I was baking cookies? Well here they are! I made them for a friends birthday (which was Saturday) as well as a semi experiment. Mom and I are going to be having some bake sales to help raise some money for the Survivor Crop in October, and I wanted to see what these cookie cutters did. These cookies were a bit too heavy, but I have some smaller flower cookie cutters and I think they will work out perfectly to make cookie pops!
So pretty much that was my weekend. Super busy and next weekend, I'm helping Bill and Holly move up to Temecula. Am I excited? Kinda, sorta, but I am NOT looking forward to the scorching heat of Temecula

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 5-10

Here's my week:

July 5th: My poor feet! I wore the cutest heels to the STP concert on Saturday, but man-o-man, they killed my feet! I have 5 blisters and my "ring" toe on my left foot feels so wierd. Its like I have something wrapped around it.

July 6th: Well today I have officially lost 50 lbs! I still have some omre to loose, and I really want to loose them soon!

July 7th: Just got done working out. This WILL NOT help me loose the rest of the weight, but darn it was yummy!

July 8th: I got a scrapbook kit in the mail and it had instructions to make pop-up cards. My sponsor kids birthday is this month as well, so I made her this card. It's super cute and is sparkly too :)

July 9th: YEAH ME! I went grocery shoppong and remember to take my own bags! I was able to get everything I bought in them, so no plastic bags came home with me. I even took my old plastic bags to the store for recycling. Go green!

July 10th: So tonight Terry and I went to Crusin' Grad! It was so much fun! There are 3 pics on here for today:
The clouds as I was heading out to Oceanside to pick up terry. They look like small cottonballs.

My favorite car that I saw on Crusin' Grand. There were so many, but this was my favorite of all!

GASP!!!!! I wore a dress out in public! I actually felt like a grown up (weird?) but comfy in it.

July 11th: There have been so many spiders in the apartment complex and this web was right outside my door. I love looking at webs. It is amazing what a little creature can get done in 1 night and that it can stand up to things flying into it. God is amazing!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince

So a group of P-1's (friends who listen to the Mikey show) are all going to the Harry Potter Preview on the 15th.......THEY ARE ALL SOLD OUT! So it is looking like I will be seeing it later than everyone else.

Oh well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm officially 29!

So it's been about a month since I was last on here, and on my burfday (hehe) I made a promise to myself to get back on here at least once a week and start journaling and posting pics :)
Well last week was kinda a crazy one. I had to do inventory again (it's now a quarterly thing up in Los Angeles) and granted we were able to get it all done in a single day...I might have to go back up and recount some things. The person who is supposed to be up there to "watch" over the guys, come to find out, has not been up there in 2 weeks!!!! He came up the day before to get ready for inventory. I was not a happy person.

But it was a short week at work since we had the 3rd off...YEAH! I made a 4th of July cake and it turned out super cute! I wish I had frosted the whole thing in chocolate frosting so you would be able to see the fireworks better, but now I know for the next time I make the cake.

And just like every 4th of July....(side note: one year when I was working at the veterinary clinic, I asked for the 4th off. The office manager, Terry, not the same one listed below, asked me why. I told her that it was my birthday. She got all excited and asked "Your birthday falls on the 4th of July this year?!?!" I couldn't help but burst out laughing. And now back to the blog already in progress) I celebrated my birthday! 29 years old. I cannot believe it! Last weekend I had a major pity party for myself, about not being in a relationship, not married, and no more kids. I got this book called "God is Your Matchmaker" and it is making some sense to me. I know that marriage is a gift that He doesn't give to everyone, but I have that yearning to get married, or is it something I'm just telling myself I want. I don't know, but I know God's got it all figured out (let's just hope He starts showing me soon what He wants me to do to move things along, lol).

For my birthday, my mom and I went scrapbooking on the 3rd all day at a Freedom Crop at our favorite scrapbook store, Ever After. We were there from 9 am to 9 pm and I actually got a lot accomplished. The store owner allowed us to have a bake sale there to help us raise money for the Survivor Crop we are participating in in October. We raised $107.00! The owner said that we could come back 3 more times in the next few months to raise more money...WOOHOO!

It seemed like a total sign as to what I was going to do for my actual birthday. On the 4th, I went and saw Stone Temple Pilots! This was the first time in 8 years they were back together and were touring. So for them to be here on the 4th , I was meant to go! They were fantastic!!!! Terry and I have had a crush on the lead singer ever since they first came out (about 15 years ago). Scott Weiland is still just as sexy as ever and we had incredible spots to watch the show. We were about 15 feet from the stage! I bought some super cute shoes, but man they totally killed my feet! I ended up with about 5 blisters! So the shoes won, but it was all worth it!

mmmm...Scott Weiland!

Stone Temple Pilots

OH, and for my gift to me...I signed up for surfing lessons! This is something I have been wanting to do for the longest time, and I finally feel like I'm in decent shape and feel comfy enough to be in a bathing suit around other people so I figured, why not! I am signed up for them on Aug 22 & 23. We will see how things go with that :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh about 11 years

I'm so excited that I only have about 4 weeks left of school, but then I realize that I have a term paper to write. Ummmm yeah it's been about 11 years since I have written one. Granted it does not have to be MLA format, but still. All the research I have to do and right now I have about 6 books opened up around me, plus the laptop on my lap.

The empty spot is where I sit :)

I forgot how much work school is. I was talking to my dad and he asked if it was what I expected. Honestly, it is but things were so much easier when I was in school. Not only because I was used to doing school work, but that's what my life revolved around and was my main focus. Now, it's work, then school. Oh yeah plus trying to have a life and keep things tidy around the apartment and take care of Hunny.

Stressed, just a little.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Baking Frenzy

So since moving into my new and small apartment, I have not really baked anything. I did bake some yummy cinnamon rolls for a friend at work and his birthday, but that was about it.
But this past weekend (and continuing this week) I have been baking pretty much non-stop. Why you ask? Well this upcoming weekend (the 16th) my church is having ahomeless outreach at Bucaneer park out in Oceanside. Mom and I helped last year and had a blast and walked away so very blessed and filled with love, that whne I saw it in the bulletin I signed up ASAP!
I signed up for desserts and when the lady called she said make whatever your speciality is, but something that is portable and quick to grab. So this is what I will have ready for them on Saturday:
Sugar cookies (4-5 dozen)
Chocolate chip cookies (homemade and Pilsbury) (8-10 dozen)
Snickerdoodles (4-5 dozen)
Oatmeal (4-5 dozen)
Chocolate Cupcakes (4 dozen)
Yellow Cupcakes (4 dozen)
White Cupcakes (4 dozen)

Needless to say, my kitchen will be broken in and I am done baking for quite ahile!

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Neighbors

So I get home tonight around 7:30 and start walking up my stairs, when I am stopped by this woman who happens to have a Sheriff badge around her neck. She asks if I have seen the people who live below me and I told her yes. She asked if I knew what time they are typically home. My first questions is, are you looking for a guy?
Side note-Now, there is a guy and his mom (I think) who live below me. This kid is so rude and drives a BMW. In the afternoon and even sometimes at night he pulls into the garage (which is right below me) and blasts his music! It then echos up into my place and also out the front of his garage, bouncing off the hill right outside and into my apartment.
Anyways, she says no and that she is looking for a Sherry. I told her that I have seen an older woman there. She asks what time are the typically home. This kind of bothers me just a little. I informed her that I hear the garage door open and close all night and that I know for sure there is someone home during my lunch hour. She wrote down the times I gave her, looked at me, smiled and said "Thank you". With that she got into her car and drove off.

Updates sure to follow.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's hot!

That's all :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

OK so I'm back :)

I have been so busy over the past few months that I completely forget to come on here and update what's been going on in my life. So here we go:

I have officially started school which is taking up much more time than what I thought it would. Why was I expecting that my Hermeneutics class would be a simple class? I mean it is a class on basic Bible interpretation. Ummmm trying to translate without allegorizing what the Scriptures mean is a lot harder than I thought. I am in the process of reading 2 books and writing a 1 page summary of a single chapter on Bible Interpretation as well as a book called "Food for Faith". It takes a look at your personal relationship with God. Needless to say I had no idea that I was going to be examining my relationship with God in this class. I also have questions to answer for each lecture I listen to online. Problem is...the syllabus jumps around so trying to figure out where the guy is speaking from is kinda hard. Overall, I am enjoying the class and cannot wait to see what all I have learned by the end of June.

I have also moved into my new apartment! Yes, I moved AGAIN! 2 years ago this month I originally moved into this apartment complex into a 1 bedroom, then my (ex)friend Brad called and told me that he wanted to move out here, and so I moved into a 2 bedroom. We know how that turned out. After being in that apartment for a little over a year, I decided that I didn't feel like paying that much in rent and so I downsized back into a 1 bedroom. Hunny and I are still getting adjusted to the place as it is hard to find a place for everything that fit into a 2 bedroom and put it away in a 1 bedroom. No more extra room to put all my crap when company comes over :(

And then finally, I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. For over a year I have had chronic diarrhea (about a month before I went to Israel). At first I thought it was from the stress of Brad ditching me with the apartment, then it got worse when I came back from Israel, so I thought it was something I was eating. I was drinking a protein shake in the morning so I cut that out for a month and it did not get better. I then did my own food studies eliminating different food groups as well as adding different food into my diet. Nothing got better. So after much asking and pleading from my family I went to see my doctor. I asked him right away to try an antibiotic only because I was hoping that it was a bacteria in my system. It didn't help. The doctor told me that if the antibiotic didn't help I would have to go see a gasetroenterologist. So I went to see Dr. Kumar and went under for a colonoscopy. I was thinking as I was going in (and the nurses reaffirmed this) that I was too young to have this going on! So he took some biopsies and sure enough they came back as ulcerative colitis. So now I am on an anti-inflammatory as well as a probiotic which is helping to slow things down. The nurse pratcioner also informed me that I am anemic as well as I have some signs of developing Rheumatory Arthritis. Once again...I'M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS!

So now my life is school, still unpacking and taking medications (up to 15 pills a day). Luckily school is showing me and reaffirming to me that I need to trust in God. He programed my body this way and knew everything was going to happen this way as well. I just have to accept it, which is the hardest thing to do. Not just a as human but as a Christian. I just have to have faith that He will get me through this as he has gotten me through so many other things in my life.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No more ignoring God

Well after 3 years of it being on my heart, I am finally taking steps to attending Calvary Bible College online! I Have been thinking about this for the past 3 years and it seems like every year around this time, God puts it back on my heart again. Well I was thinking about all of the people in the Bible who ignored and didn't do what God told them to do and what He had to do in order to get their attention and I sure don't need Him to get my attention that way at all. So tonight I sent out my reference letters, tomorrow I'm getting my transcripts from my high school (Vista High...Vista, Vista, Vista all the way hey, hey, hey!) and emailing the application this week.

My bother asked me why I would want to go to bible college and what I would use it for. Well it's an easy know more about what I believe and to see where God wants to use me, plain and simple. For years I've wondered where He has wanted to use me, but I've yet to receive an answer from Him, or have I? I'm not sure. I have 7 years to finish school and will come out with a BA in Theology (makes me sound kinda smart huh?) and I am so excited to get going on this.

As my pastor told me....happy bible thumping!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Project 365 Week 2: Jan 4-Jan 10

So  here we go, week 2 of this:

Jan 4:  I finally got my garage organized...1 small step for man, 1 GIANT step for me, lol


Jan 5:  It was the start of a new delivery schedule for my PruFlo water that I love


Jan 6:  Jason and I went to the gym tonight and on the way home, we stopped off at Panera, yummy


Jan 7:  Over the weekend Hunny was not doing so well.  She vomited a few times last Saturday, again on Monday and on Tuesday.  She also had some diarrhea.  I was afraid that she after she had gotten into my trash can in the bathroom, she was blocked.  Money signs just flashed in my eyes when I realized that.  I was so worried about her only because I have seen it so many times with other peoples lets, but now it was my own.  This was the morning of our trip to the vets to find out what was going on with her.  Luckily the doctor just thought that she had an upset stomach and gave me some medication for it :) Yeah no surgery!!!


Jan 8:  My 2nd time to the gym this week!  I was kinda hungry afterwards so I stopped off at Del Taco to get some grub.  I should've known that there were going to be problems.  I asked for 2 beef soft tacos with no lettuce and an order of regular nachos.  When I got home, I found my pitiful tacos!  The meat could've been scooped into maybe a tablespoon!


Jan 9: My Project 365 kit arrived!!!!!


Jan 10: Jason, his sister Carrie her hubby Clinton and their son and I all went Ice Skating.  It had been years since I did that, but it was so much fun.  It was really dark so I was not able to get great pictures of anyone :(


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 365 - Week 1 (Dec 28-Jan 3)

Ok so last time I wrote I was super excited about this whole Project 365. It is basically a project where you take 1 picture each and every day of the year. I figured that I will have my album here for my to work on, but I also figured that I would share it here.

So here is week 1:

Dec 28: I went down to see the Page's and celebrate Christmas. This was Caleb's gift to me (thanks Cindy!) It was my favorite gift I received for Christmas.

Dec 29: I really need to finish up on the last project I started "Design Your Life" which was a 12 week class online where we received assignments via email to try and explore different aspects of page layouts.  Well I'm not done, hehehe.

Dec 30:  I was not able to get to sleep at all!   I was up until 2:30 am or 3 am, I'm not too sure.  Here I am at work.

Dec 31:  Jason and I went down to Pacific Beach to hang out with his old roommate, Tony.  He came down from Canada (brrrrr) to get married.  Here we are at 11:59pm

Jan 1 2009:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  The beautiful sunrise from my balcony

Jan 2:  I really need to get organized :(

Jan 3:  I also got a Wii Fit for Christmas.  Spent about 1.5 hrs on the thing today



Saturday, January 3, 2009

My incredible boyfriend, Jason

So one of my New Years "goals" (I hate the word resolution) is to be more organized this year. I have a second room in my apartment and ever since Brad moved out I've been using that room as a huge crap catcher. Anytime I've had company coming over, I throw whatever I don't want people to see in that room. Well the past month or so I've wanted to turn it into my scrapbook room and get this huge cabinet thing outta my room so it is more of a bedroom than an office. So today I went to Home Depot and got some stuff to start organizing the room. In the process of cleaning out all the crap in there, I found some of Alyssa's (my ex Dave's daughter) crafts that we bought her during the summer.

I sat there thinking, I know no one who has a 8 year old girls who would want these things. So I sent Dave a text asking if he wanted them for her. He said yes (darn it!) To be honest I was kind of hoping that he would say no so I wouldn't have to see him. We just do not get along anymore. He has texted me some nights from anywhere from 10 to midnight just to say hi, RIIIIIGHT. So we have arranged to meet up on Monday after he gets done with his workout. Dave accused me of a lot of things and meeting up with people behind his back was one of them, even though I never did.

So I did what I had to, I sent Jason a text letting him know that I would be seeing him on Monday night. I waited anxiously to see what he would say, and was getting ready to tell Dave that he would need to come by when Jason was here. To my surprise, Jason said OK. He told me that he trusts me and knows that I am with him, and no one else. Now this is a huge shocker to me considering that 99% of all the guys I have dated in the past have accused me or were super suspicious of me because I have guy friends, that I was doing things. Not Jason. He is the first guy who actually trusts me!

Each and every day the wall around my heart keeps melting away and I have to say that I am truly falling in love with him.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


So the websites sever was slammed this morning from all over the world to get this kit, but I went back to try and get it...and I got it!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Well it's officially 2009 and I am sitting on my computer waiting to purchase a (what I think) is a really cool scrapbooking kit. It's called Project 365. What it is, is a really simple way to scrapbook for each and every single day of the year! And its not really scrapbooking either. You take a picture for everyday and slide it into a page protector that is all divided to hold 7 pictures and a place to journal about what happened each day. BRB, the kit is officially on sale :)

OK well the site is super slow with all of the crazy women like me trying to order this kit, so I'll check back in a bit and see if the stupid page will download.

And now off of the scrapbooking subject. The past year was a very interesting year for me. It started out with me moving out of my 1 bedroom apartment just a few buildings down into a 2 bedroom which I was going to share with a friend Brad. He moved in and within 4 months he bailed on me! Yes, I have wonderful "friends". He also only left me 1/2 of his rent for the months he bailed out on. Fan-frickin-tastic! Needless to say, God has provided a way for me to stay in the 2 bedroom as I am pretty much settled in here. Also in January, after 4 years I finally saw the elusive Randy (Caleb's dad). I flew out to Vegas and was so scared that he would not show up, but he did. We spent the most time together that we had ever spent a whopping 3 whole days! I got so very much needed closure and found out why he is the way he is (a very long story).

In April my brother got married to his long time girlfriend, Holly up in Yosemite. It was a very "them" wedding and was very nice. I'm happy to say that they are doing wonderfully and are both adapting to living with someone other than a sibling.

May came and off to Israel I went! I'm what my friend calls "a goner". I want to go back to badly. The first time I was just in complete shock and awe. To be in the places where Jesus performed His miracles was amazing! The next time I go I will still be in awe, but not so much shock :)

When I came back from Israel, Dave and I gave us another try. We dated the previous year (2007) just shy of a year. This time we only lasted 4 months. Needless to say that accusations were thrown around and feelings and thoughts were brought up from our past attempt at the relationship.

Scrapbook vent: ARRRRRRGH!!!! After only 20 minutes the kit went out of stock! I had it in my stupid cart, but the website would not accept my password, so I had to go back, reassign the password and then when I came back to re-log in, it was gone! I am so frustrated with this, that I actually called the corporate offices and complained! I normally don't do this, but I'm upset.

And now back to our blog already in progress:

Anyways, after Dave and I finished I decided I would give me a belated birthday present, I went to the gym and got a trainer! Kyle has whipped my butt into shape and I am happy to say that I have lost 30 lbs and dropped 2 (almost 3) pant sizes in 4 months! I complain sometimes, but I know that he is just doing his job and when I look back at pictures from May, man I really appreciate him!

I also met an incredible man in October. Well re-met him. Jason and I worked together back when we were in high school 10-11 years ago. We knew that we both went to the same church, but it seemed like we were always with someone when we would run into each other. One night I was helping out at a concert at church, and my friend Harry, came up asking how Dave and I were doing (I had put our relationship on a prayer card) I told Harry that God decided to take care of the relationship. Harry asked if he could pray for me for anything and I told him, yes a guy. I told him what I wanted, even the small physical features such as tattoos and facial hair, he smiled and said OK, I'll start praying for you. Well 3 week later, here was Jason.

He is the most sincere man I have ever dated. we have been guarding our hearts for the past 3 months and last night, Jason looked at me and told me that his wall around his heart was starting to disappear and told me that he was starting to fall in love with me! It made me smile from ear to ear! It was a fantastic way to start the New Year (he told me that at 2:00 am).

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and may God bless you all in the upcoming year!