Saturday, January 3, 2009

My incredible boyfriend, Jason

So one of my New Years "goals" (I hate the word resolution) is to be more organized this year. I have a second room in my apartment and ever since Brad moved out I've been using that room as a huge crap catcher. Anytime I've had company coming over, I throw whatever I don't want people to see in that room. Well the past month or so I've wanted to turn it into my scrapbook room and get this huge cabinet thing outta my room so it is more of a bedroom than an office. So today I went to Home Depot and got some stuff to start organizing the room. In the process of cleaning out all the crap in there, I found some of Alyssa's (my ex Dave's daughter) crafts that we bought her during the summer.

I sat there thinking, I know no one who has a 8 year old girls who would want these things. So I sent Dave a text asking if he wanted them for her. He said yes (darn it!) To be honest I was kind of hoping that he would say no so I wouldn't have to see him. We just do not get along anymore. He has texted me some nights from anywhere from 10 to midnight just to say hi, RIIIIIGHT. So we have arranged to meet up on Monday after he gets done with his workout. Dave accused me of a lot of things and meeting up with people behind his back was one of them, even though I never did.

So I did what I had to, I sent Jason a text letting him know that I would be seeing him on Monday night. I waited anxiously to see what he would say, and was getting ready to tell Dave that he would need to come by when Jason was here. To my surprise, Jason said OK. He told me that he trusts me and knows that I am with him, and no one else. Now this is a huge shocker to me considering that 99% of all the guys I have dated in the past have accused me or were super suspicious of me because I have guy friends, that I was doing things. Not Jason. He is the first guy who actually trusts me!

Each and every day the wall around my heart keeps melting away and I have to say that I am truly falling in love with him.


Cindy said...

Aren't healthy relationships great?!?!


Heather said...

I'm so happy that you have found someone wonderful!! We will be staying at my parents' house. BUT we will be there for such a long time that maybe we could figure out sometime to meet up? Kait and I will be there from Feb 17- beginning part of April. xoxoxo