Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 5-10

Here's my week:

July 5th: My poor feet! I wore the cutest heels to the STP concert on Saturday, but man-o-man, they killed my feet! I have 5 blisters and my "ring" toe on my left foot feels so wierd. Its like I have something wrapped around it.

July 6th: Well today I have officially lost 50 lbs! I still have some omre to loose, and I really want to loose them soon!

July 7th: Just got done working out. This WILL NOT help me loose the rest of the weight, but darn it was yummy!

July 8th: I got a scrapbook kit in the mail and it had instructions to make pop-up cards. My sponsor kids birthday is this month as well, so I made her this card. It's super cute and is sparkly too :)

July 9th: YEAH ME! I went grocery shoppong and remember to take my own bags! I was able to get everything I bought in them, so no plastic bags came home with me. I even took my old plastic bags to the store for recycling. Go green!

July 10th: So tonight Terry and I went to Crusin' Grad! It was so much fun! There are 3 pics on here for today:
The clouds as I was heading out to Oceanside to pick up terry. They look like small cottonballs.

My favorite car that I saw on Crusin' Grand. There were so many, but this was my favorite of all!

GASP!!!!! I wore a dress out in public! I actually felt like a grown up (weird?) but comfy in it.

July 11th: There have been so many spiders in the apartment complex and this web was right outside my door. I love looking at webs. It is amazing what a little creature can get done in 1 night and that it can stand up to things flying into it. God is amazing!

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Cindy said...

Love all the feet pictures! :)

CONGRATULATIONS on your new look!!!!!