Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cancer strikes again!

I've known for a very long time that cancer has run in my family and it has taken away both of my grandparents on my mom's side (Grandmom and Popo) but it has raised it's ugly head again. My most favorite aunt in the whole wide world, Aunt Jamie, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and lymphoma.

Grandmom and me

A couple of weeks ago she let us know that she had found a mass in her breast and after going to the doctor, they were almost positive that it was not a cyst. They then scheduled another exam and officially found 2 masses in her breasts and 1 in her lymph node. Tuesday (9/22) they did biopsies and the doctors told her off the record that they were pretty confident that the masses in her breasts were benign and that they were mainly concerned about the one in her lymph node. So today (9/24) the results came in and the results were more than happy. At least 1 of the 3 are benign, so that is a good thing, and with the breast cancer they will more than likely perform a mastectomy, but the one with the lymph node scares me the most.

Popo was originally diagnosed with lung cancer which metastasized into lymphoma and then spread through out his body and then finally into his bones (osteoscaroma). Once there is cancer in the lymph nodes, it is the easiest way to spread through the body. I am not sure exactly what kind of cancer Grandmom had since I was only 4-5 when she passed, but I do remember her being sick from the chemo and wearing her cute handkerchiefs on her head to hide her thinning hair.

Me and my Popo

I just love my Auntie more than anything in the world! She was the first family member besides mom and dad I told about Caleb, the person who knew before mom and dad that I was engaged, the person who always listened to me and made time for me, and who most importantly showed me who to make fudge, hahaha.

Aunt Carla (left), Aunt Jamie (middle) and mom (right)

I know that this has happened for a reason and it will only glorify God, but as of right now, it is so hard to see. Why would He allow this to happen to her? She has been through so much and has so much on her plate right now. I know He only gives us as much as we can handle, but when is enough, enough. Digging deeper and praying is the only thing I can do to find answers for this, and offering her help anyway I can is the only way I can go about easing her and her families pain as of right now. His will be done and all in his timing right????

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