Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh about 11 years

I'm so excited that I only have about 4 weeks left of school, but then I realize that I have a term paper to write. Ummmm yeah it's been about 11 years since I have written one. Granted it does not have to be MLA format, but still. All the research I have to do and right now I have about 6 books opened up around me, plus the laptop on my lap.

The empty spot is where I sit :)

I forgot how much work school is. I was talking to my dad and he asked if it was what I expected. Honestly, it is but things were so much easier when I was in school. Not only because I was used to doing school work, but that's what my life revolved around and was my main focus. Now, it's work, then school. Oh yeah plus trying to have a life and keep things tidy around the apartment and take care of Hunny.

Stressed, just a little.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Baking Frenzy

So since moving into my new and small apartment, I have not really baked anything. I did bake some yummy cinnamon rolls for a friend at work and his birthday, but that was about it.
But this past weekend (and continuing this week) I have been baking pretty much non-stop. Why you ask? Well this upcoming weekend (the 16th) my church is having ahomeless outreach at Bucaneer park out in Oceanside. Mom and I helped last year and had a blast and walked away so very blessed and filled with love, that whne I saw it in the bulletin I signed up ASAP!
I signed up for desserts and when the lady called she said make whatever your speciality is, but something that is portable and quick to grab. So this is what I will have ready for them on Saturday:
Sugar cookies (4-5 dozen)
Chocolate chip cookies (homemade and Pilsbury) (8-10 dozen)
Snickerdoodles (4-5 dozen)
Oatmeal (4-5 dozen)
Chocolate Cupcakes (4 dozen)
Yellow Cupcakes (4 dozen)
White Cupcakes (4 dozen)

Needless to say, my kitchen will be broken in and I am done baking for quite ahile!