Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week of Jan 9-16, 2011

So this week I “officially” started training for the 10k.  Needless to say…HOLY CRAP I WAS SORE!  I found a couch to 5k training guide and I changed it up for my personal training.  It had me walking 2 minutes and running 1.5 minutes.  I changed it to me running 2-4 minutes depending on how I was feeling and walking 1-2 minutes.  I felt good after going for 30 minutes and I was only short 1/2 mile to of finished a 5k.  I can totally do this!!!!

And yesterday was the first time since July I scrapbooked all day and worked on pages for my scrapbook.  If I went to a crop I was always working on something else for someone else.  It was nice to spend time with mom and my “other mother” Lori Jo laughing and being goofs.

mom & lori jo  

I also got to see friends from the Survivor Crop Committee who I have seen since October!  I woke up late yesterday and realized that I had nothing to work on at the crop so I printed up pictures of when I went into the studio with the Mikey Show!  I alos printed up pictures of last Sunday when Liz, Marion and Brady went to the grand opening of Sprinkles cupcakes in La Jolla (don’t lie, I know you’re jealous).  It was cold, but the time I spent with them was fantastic!

When I went to the crop I seriously thought I would run out of things to do, but after 7 hours I only finished 2 pages :)


Not too bad I think for only getting the pics and finding an idea in about 20 minutes :)

After I finished that page, I started on the Mikey Show page.  I had to leave to go to church and serve so unfortunaetly I didn’t have 7 hours to work on that page, but after cutting out the pictures and picking out the paper (oh yeah, all the paper in the layouts I bought at Ever After Scrapbooks because I didn’t have enough time to sort through all my paper here and figure out what papers looked good with the pictures.  Can you say procrastinator?)  But I got it all laid out and I took a picture so I know what I wanted to do with it once I got back around to scrapping.

layout 2

Oh!!! And I also got a REALLY cute Circut cartridge that I have been wanting for the longest time, Create-A-Critter!

critters How adorable are they!!!!  The dog totally reminds me of Hunny :)

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Cindy said...

AWESOME JOB!! Your pages turned out great!