Saturday, November 29, 2008

My weekend so far...


So this weekend was the dreaded "Black Friday" weekend.  I was a smart girl and decided to stay home on Friday!  There was no way I was coming out of my apartment except to take Hunny out for walks.  So what did I do.... I SCRAPBOOKED!!!!!!  I am way behind on the online course I am taking, and so this weekend while Jason was at work, I started getting caught up.  Yesterday I started working on the pages I already had pictures printed out for and I was so very proud of me.  I got 5 pages total done.

Today, I'm not too sure how many pages I will get done.  I have already started running into problems with what pictures and embellishments to use, but I just keep plugging along.  I also went to Wal-mart this morning.  Man, the employees looked drained!  I heard yesterday that there was a Wal-Mart employee who was trampled by the early morning shoppers and eventually died!  People are crazy this time of year.  So once again I will be staying inside scrapping to my hearts delight and just enjoying the time that I get to spend working on a hobby that I enjoy as well as looking through great memories that I have and finally get to put them on paper.

Week 2: Asymmetry


 This is a page I did for my mom (my favorite for week 2)


Close up of the journaling


This layout was about me making my cinnamon rolls...YUMMY!!!!

Week 3: Repetition


This was a layout using the same size squares on the layout. (Page 1 of a 2 page layout)


This page showed some of the memorable supporters that I encountered on the 3-Day. (Page 2)


This was supposed to be 3 different pictures where I decided to put the big one. (My Favorite of Week 3)

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Cindy said...

GORGEOUS! The one of your parents is AWESOME!! And of course, I love Caleb's!!