Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dog Beach

So I woke up this morning thinking that I really had nothing to do but go to the gym. And then an idea came to me that has been thrown around on the P1 web site about getting all of the listeners dogs together for a doggy play day. Well when I did the 3 day we would always walk past Dog Beach in Del Mar and I had always wanted to go there, so today Hunny and I did!

It was a blast! Hunny was kind of scared at first and was glued to my side, but once we started walking and she was allowed off leash, she had so much fun. She would run ahead of me, turn around and then charge me, hahaha. She is not a huge fan of the water, but if I went out to my shins and no "major" waves came in, she would bound out to me leaping and frolicking in the water.

I sent a text to my friend Matt who is the junior high pastor at church, and we had a discussion while in Israel about how we need to get our dogs together to play (he has a weimeriner named Delilah). Unfortunately he had a church meeting to go to, but I told him that we need to get our babies together to play :)
Hmmmmm, what's this?
I'm gonna get you..
Then again........
Oooh, what's over here?
My happy puppy

Quiet car ride home :)

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Cindy said...

CUTE pictures!! It looks like she had a great time. :)