Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Wedding

Good morning! So it was a beautiful weekend up in Yosemitie. There are absolutely no words to describe what it felt like to be up there. I saw a quote that said "There are no words to describe what is felt be the soul." And man-o-man is that the truth! It felt like I was in God's hands all weekend.

Bridialveil Falls

Coming out of the tunnel

The Centinel

I spent a lot of the weekend by myself and it gave me time to reflect and to sleep. I have this rash on my arms and legs and it really gets to me so I have to take Benadryl and it knocks me out! But when I wasn't sleeping I took a bike ride around the valley floor for a bit and then came back and grabbed dad. I felt like a little kid again riding bikes with her daddy. We had a wonderful time and talk about things that were going on in my life, in his and about the wedding.

Dad and I at Mirror Lake

Saturday morning April 12th we all met up at the shuttle stop and off we went to the wedding. Bill and Holly have been together for 5 years and knew eachother in high school! They took us to the path that actually went on the other side of where dad and I took our picture to get married. It was really cool. As we were hiking up the trail we came upon some deer and they followed us up the there very spot where Bill and Holly got hitched.

Mr. and Mrs. William Cocking

I want them to be happy as much as I would want to be happy and as happy as my parents are. On the 1st of May my parents will be married 34 years and have been together for 37 (I think).

My wonderful parents! This is what I want to look like someday with my husband

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Sra. Página said...

Beautiful! Blessings to Bill and Holly.