Monday, April 7, 2008

Only the first week of April

As I write this I am back at my parents house getting ready to head off to bed before all 3 of us head up to Yosemite for my brother's wedding! little brother is getting married before I do. Yes, to be brutally honest it hurts and it sucks that he gets to go through this major part of his life before I do, but this is just how God is having things work out.

Since the beginning of April I have learned so many things, and go figure it's only the 9th. I have learned what true friends are. My old roommate and friend of 4 years, Brad, bailed on me and the lease April 1st (long story cut super short). And it seems like all of my exes who still have my number have all been in contact with me since he left.

But a great thing about the roomie leaving is that I am now talking to the guy I am still madly in love with, Dave! He knows Brad and warned me about him while we were dating last summer. I was stupid and went behind Dave's back and still kept on talking to Brad and that put a huge wedge between Dave and I. But over the past 4 days we have seen each other and talked like we were still dating even after an 8 month split. We are still trying to protect our hearts, more so Dave than myself, but I really hope that everything works out and he is the one that I was meant to be with.

And since the beginning of April there is a passage from John 15:1-8 that my mom pointed out to me after I had already read it and thought it over. It talks about how Jesus is the grapevine and God is the gardener. And as every gardener does, he cuts off the dead branches and burns those, and on the good branches, he still cuts them back so they produce even more fruit. I know I'm not a bad branch, so maybe God is just cutting me way back and down to nothing so I can prepare myself for my life changing trip to Israel and be able to fully experience Him! Man it hurts but I know that good things can only come with suffering.

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Sra. Página said...

I can't say I'm disappointed to hear Dave is back in the picture, but I'm sorry all this had to happen.

If nothing else, you have a LOT to look forward to this month. I'm sure your learning curve will continue to be steep.

Love you!