Thursday, April 24, 2014


So it's been 10 weeks since my surgery and I am happy to say that things are going great.  I have gotten the whole bag thing change down, although there are days my stoma does not want to cooperate so things get a bit trying and messy, but I have to keep going since I really don't have an option :)

My PICC line came out on 4/11 and that shower after was AMAZING!  My outside of my arm had only been washed with a wash cloth and baby wipes so to wash and scrub the entire arm was like heaven.  It is still a bit "gunky" in that I still find bits of adhesive on my arm (like this morning) and it is very dry so I lather it all up with lotion and it is very happy.

Today was my post op / pre op combo appointment.  It has been 10 weeks since my first surgery and the surgeon is very happy with my progress so far.  We then discussed the next surgery, which is May 6th at 7:20am.  This is the most complicated surgery of the 3.  They will be doing what is called a Ileostomy Reversal, with an ileal pouch anal anastomosis, flexible pouchoscopy (flex sig) and a laparoscopic diverting loop ileostomy.  A lot...I KNOW.  Basically, they are reversing the pouch I have now (ileostomy), moving things around thru the anus and then creating the loop ileostomy.  In even more basic terms, they are taking 2-3 feet of my small intestine (the part sticking out) creating the J-pouch, and then giving me a loop ileostomy (cutting a hole in my intestine, and securing that part to the outside)

So this is the next step for me.  This is the most complicated surgery of all 3 and I may be in the hospital longer than with the first, but only time will tell.

As for my liver, my bloodwork from today show that the levels that were elevated are still coming down.  We are still in the high range, but still getting closer to the normal ranges.  A battle I've been fighting for the past 10 years and slowly been winning.


Lynn Durkee said...

God has you in the pain oh His hand. Prayers are being prayed daily for you. I know God is going to bless your positive attitude and you will heal amazingly and His glory will show!..

Lynn Durkee said...

Palm of His hand. This auto correct has got to go.