Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Body wash…kinda

So again I am trying something I saw on Pintrest…weird I know.  I am always looking for ways to save a few dollars here and there and I love me some Dove body wash but I have a REALLY hard time paying $6-$7 for a bottle.  Granted it lasts me about 2 months, but still.  So one night while I was looking on Pintrest as I way trying to fall asleep (yep, I’m a multi-tasker like that) I saw “Make your own body wash”.  I pinned it on my Cleaning/DIY board and figured I would take a peek at it in the morning. 
She costed it out using a 6 pack of Dove bar soap and it came out to $1.72 for 24 oz bottle.  Now this is our in Utah so of course I knew it would be a little bit more here so I decided to go hunting for Dove bar soap.  First stop (should’ve been my only) was Big Lots.  I found a 2 pack of soap for $2 (well 2.16 with tax)!!!!
She originally used 3 bars to 6 cups of water so for mine I cut it down to 4 cups for the 2 bars.  I started to heat up the water on medium heat so that the soap would melt instead of just floating when I put it in. 
While the water was heating up, I started grating the soap with my cheese grater.  I mean its soap so it will wash off, just make sure that it is really clean before I go using it for my cheese on nachos, lol.
Once it was all grated (I used the fine part when the bar got really small and I was afraid I was going to leave a part of my finger in the soap) I put it into the water and started stirring until it was all melted, about 5-7 minutes. ***Side note:  She also made another batch using her microwave to “break down” the soap, right here***
Once it was completely melted I transferred it to a glass bowl.  she says it takes about 24 hours for it to thicken up so I have to wait until tomorrow to see what it ACTUALLY looks like, but right now it looks like I have a big bowl of milk sitting on my counter

I'm a BIG clutz so I poured it into the old bottle of body wash I had over the sink.  Good thing too because right after I snapped this pic, I moved my hand a little bit and it started pouring down the back of the bottle.  It was still a little bit runny but it should continue to thincken up.  but even still, it had the consistancy of body wash!

So what is the final cost on this?  I basically made 1.5 bottles (1 bottle is 24oz) for $2! That is a savings of about $4, even with the Target brand of Sensitive skin body wash.  Granted it is not a HUGE savings but right now with everyone saving money and pinching pennies, it’s a savings Smile

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