Saturday, January 21, 2012

My new craft

So for a month before Christmas I got a HUGE urge to learn how to knit and crochet (thank you Pintrest).  I saw so many cool things to make on there using looms, knitting and crocheting!  So for Christmas I asked for knitting looms and a book called “Stich ‘n Bitch”.  Well mom came through (of course she did, her and dad are my “Santa”)!


As soon as I could I went to Michaels and bought a skein of yarn so I could play with my new toy.  The looms came with instructions, but I am not one for reading instructions and trying to figure out how to make something unless its for putting something together.  So I went to good ol’ YouTube.  I searched looms, found a video and I was off and running!  After about 4 hours (over the course of 2 days) I had my very first scarf!  I have to say, it is my very favorite thing I have ever made!  It is super soft and so warm.


So after I did the loom I went back to Michaels and after returning items I didn’t get around to using for Christmas I got some more yard and needles so I could start learning to knit.  I met a lady in the store and as we were looking at yard we started talking.  I told her I got a book and was going to learn how to knit from the book and YouTube (YouTube to the rescue again!)  She told me there was no way I could learn how to knit by just watching a video.  Well that lit the fire under my butt and that night I knitted my first item, a “coaster” as a friend refers to it.  Jumping up and down in my apartment with Hunny looking at me I said, “Haha! I’ll show you lady!  Don’t tell me what I can’t learn on YouTube and from a book!”  And yes, I did say it out loud!


Next attempt, make a scarf.  Well I am proud to say I am almost finished with it after only 1 week!


So now talk about finding out why things are laid on our hearts. A few days ago I was listening to Air1, they were talking about a DJ, Bryant Hansen, going to Afghanistan with Cure.  They are partnering with Air 1 and he is taking KNITTED AND CROCHETED ITEMS to babies and children over there!  HELLO!!!! I started getting all teary eyed in my office.  I had no idea back in November I would have the opportunity to show Gods love to mother’s and their babies just by knitting a simple beanie or blanket! (Ok, I’m crying now.  But such happy tears.)  

So for the next few weeks, or until I run out of yarn whichever comes first, I will be crocheting baby beanies and looming some blankets (fastest and easiest) for babies and their moms for a country we are fighting and defending on the other side of the world.  Jesus told us to “Love the little children” right?  Well I’m doing my part!


Oh P.S.  I will post the video that has posted on their site with Bryant explaining his trip.

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