Monday, May 23, 2011

7 years ago…

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I found myself in Tri City Hospital starting the process of bringing a beautiful life into the world.  I had no idea if I would be a mother to a son or a daughter, but either way I wanted the best for them.  I wanted them to have a mom and a dad who were going to be there for them and provide the type of home I grew up in.  I knew that his father would not be in the picture.

After only a few hours of labor and no real “pushing” (thank goodness) into the world came Caleb!  I never thought such joy actually existed!  After everything we had been thru, and it was a lot, here he was…MY SON!  Hearing him cry and having them tell me he was perfectly fine I was so relieved.  I wasn’t the best mom as I had no prenatal care and was sick for the majority of the pregnancy so to hear that he was healthy and had all fingers and toes, those were the best words I could of ever heard\!

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I knew that I was going to give him up for adoption once his father and I had a conversation about 9 months prior, but I had no idea that God would of provided such a fantastic Foster family and a “Forever” family for my little boy. Most birth moms do not meet the foster families, but he had some medical issues and I needed to contact them.  Frank and Susan are some of the most caring people who make everyone feel welcome.

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And picking Caleb’s “Forever” family was the easiest thing I ever had to do.  Their profile was the one my social worker showed me first, and I fell in love with them instantly!  They were high school sweethearts and both teachers (my parents knew each other in high school), had a biological daughter (I’m the oldest as is she), they live on a cul-de-sac (I grew up on one), involved in church and girl scouts, and them the kicker…they had a golden retriever named Maggie (we had a golden named Maggie growing up as well).  I knew that these were the people I wanted my son to go to, but I wanted to give other people a chance and I took a look at other profiles, but in the back of my mind they were the people I wanted.814030014105_0_ALB - Copy

The past 7 years have been a roller coaster of emotions, but seeing his face smiling and now calling me “birth mom” makes it perfect!  Knowing that in the next few years we will be having the “conversation” about why things happened honestly scare me, but I know that I have a fantastic support system with my family as well as my extended family!

Thank you mom, dad for your support and being there when I needed a shoulder to lean and cry on. Frank and Susan for taking care of my son while I found a family for him, and Cindy and Scott…I cannot say thank you enough!  I love you all!

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Cindy said...


I took Caleb to see Kung Fu Panda 2 today which, surprisingly, has adoption as one of the story threads. It led to a good conversation in the car about how Po's parents loved him first, and (whatever the duck's name is) was his forever dad and loved him with all his heart.

He did ask why he didn't live with you and I said it was because you wanted him to have a mommy AND a daddy. He seemed to think that was a good answer.

We're exploring uncharted territory, too, but we're so grateful that you've opted to share the ride with us. I can't imagine how empty our lives would be without you. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Ronnie said...

Love you too and I'm as buckled in as anyone can be for the ride we have ahead of us. And I'm glad he was satisfied with that answer too, cause that's the answer he's always going to get :)