Saturday, June 7, 2008

What was left out....

Well after I just posted the previous blog, I realized that there were part missing *tear.

What is missing is:
When we were in Ceasera, we saw the influence of the Crusader period. As we walked deeper into the city we came upon a Mosque and the tower which they would call people to prayer.

The stone work was incredible! To know that all of these stones were laid here by hand and let alone cut and chiseled out of huge rocks by hand is amazing. The evidence of the religious battles that happened here still stand. You start out in the old city with the theater, then as you come in closer to the harbor, you see the Muslim influence then you turn a corner and there is a Gothic style castle with the double gate and the 90 degree entrances.

The double gated entrances were imperative as while the invaders would be trying to break down the door, the people who lived inside the walls would pour feces, decaying animals and other wonderful things onto the people below (yummy!)

WATCH OUT BELOW!!!!!! To the right is the entrance, the left is the first wall.

Once you would step inside the gates there is a 90 degree entrance. What I found incredible was that you could see which way the entrance to the city was by looking at the corners of the walls. Over time with the people rushing in and the carts all turning one direction, the corner of the wall has wore down smooth. So above the middle section and below the middle it is still a perfect corner, but in the middle it is rounded.

As we left, I saw a sign that I just needed to take a picture of:

I mean come on, how often do I see my name, let alone in another country (well OK this was my first time out of the country) and spelt that way :)
OK so that is what was cut out of my other post. Next one will be the Mt. of Beatitudes, the Valley of Armageddon, Megiddo and our home for a few days, Nof Ginosar.

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